Hajj Packages



Hajj Madinah First (No Building)


For over 20 years, ISMAIL ALY TRUST TRAVEL has been given the honor and privilege of safely transporting and serving Muslims from all across the globe, on their journey to perform Hajj. Our sole purpose has always been to serve the invited guests of Bait ul Haraam (The House of Allah). This is the only reason why ISMAIL ALY TRUST TRAVEL is the number one agency for Hajj and Umrah in North America, because our mission is to earn the pleasure of Allah by helping you fulfill your religious duties. Below you will find a series of packages we designed with great care and detail, laying out how we take care of each step you take towards Bait ul Haraam on your journey to perform Hajj. For indeed verily our revered Prophet Muhammad (Ample peace and blessings be bestowed upon him) has said, for every step you take towards Bait ul Haraam, Allah writes a reward for you. So may Allah accept your first step here and now. Ameen.


Quad Room $11,450
Triple Room $12,350
Double Room $13,900

VIP Package

Departure From JFK to Madinah on July 21th 2020.
Return from Jeddah to New York. August 6th/7th, 2020.
Flights can be arranged from anywhere in the US with additional fees.

Hotel Accomodations & Ininerary
Madinah: From ( 1st to 4th Dul Hijja, 1441 H ) Jul, 22th to Jul, 25th, 2020.
4 Days 3 Nights accommodation in Answer AI Madinah Movenpick ( Haram Tower).
Hotel Facing HARAM .... Open Buffet breakfast and dinner will be served.
Mazarat Madinah... jabal Uhud, Masid Quba and Masjid AL-Qiblatin.

Makkah: from ( 4th to 15th Dul Hajja, 1441 H ) jul, 25th to Aug 5th, 2020.
11 Nights accommodation in Swiss AL Maqam ( Clock Towers)
Hotel facing HARAM SHARIF.... Enjoy five daily prayers.
Open Buffet breakfast and dinner will be served.

Mina/ Manasik - VIP Mina Camp
( ISMAIL ALY GROUP ) in Front of jamaraat

Open Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served at Mina.
Arafat.. Open Beffet breakfast, lunch, dinner and lunchbox will be provide at Muzdalifa..